That monster inside me ! It’s not easy to tell your co-workers when it’s time to eat, sorry guys but I’m not eating with you today, I’m not hungry, what excuse can you give then for the second day or the third, the fourth etc.? Maybe say sorry, dear colleagues, but I’m expecting a client soon, go ahead, I’ll join you later. crawling bellyThis is not antisocial because it is not a disease, I would say it is socially incorrect. The worst is during weekend aperitifs and family meals, especially when there’s an annive or a party that doesn’t go well, an obsolescence of living in family life. Yes, I fasted for ten days, I had already fasted for seven days a few months ago and in view of what I felt at that time I decided to repeat the operation even though it is something extremely difficult. Be careful if you are tempted to fast for a few days, you have to do it according to the rules and the advice of a doctor, it is not something to be taken lightly. On the other hand, I’m a hothead, personally I don’t take any poorly informed advice from a doctor when it comes to managing my health, because I think there’s still a very long way to go for modern medicine before I can fully trust it. Rather, I tend to follow the precepts and advice of Chinese medicine, based on the body of health theories and practices throughout history and experience handed down over thousands of years.

My FrigWhy are you fasting? It is however simple, it is enough to try for a few days to know the answer, personally and recently I have learned that I suffer from hyper tension, because I tend to glutton for not putting my spleen in the court-bouillon, and it also seems that hyper tension is a matter of old people that you can catch by watching TV daily for several hours while eating chips and drinking coca. But it is normal given my age and weight, however it is possible to get rid of it, you have to lose weight Mr Mosquito tells me the cardiologist. This is precisely what I try to do every day but without any result, you only have to watch TV for a quarter of an hour to realize, that the one who sells you food is the same one who sells you capsules to lose weight. They are criminals who are globally organized in holding companies to get rich at the expense of our health, but this is a subject I have already spoken about.

First day! That’s where all the difficulty lies, there’s me, Mosquito a little bug that lands on any plate it finds in the fridge, but reasonable all the same. And there is this great monster that inhabits me, an unequaled balance of power, is it a duality or an ambivalence. In any case he is there and I have the feeling that he is there, deep in my soul, he lives in me and he tells me when and how I should eat. He is a despot whose eyes are bigger than my stomach, he is my Pinochet, my Franco, my Qaddafi, my Genghis khan. He is my belly on legs, he has power and control over me, he constantly dictates what he wants to eat and I only obey to satisfy him. When I feel bad after having committed the sin by gluttonously eating what he wanted, he accuses me and he tells me that it was my fault, and that I shouldn’t have eaten so much, whereas it’s himself who pushes me and when I’m full and I can’t eat anymore, he asks me to finish my plate, “there are only crumbs left, it’s good you’re not going to leave it on your plate, tomorrow you’ll make more effort”. I can’t do anything, that’s my excuse, he’s always there inside my body, he’s completely insane, instead of helping me and setting me limits so that we can both feel good, not all he does is push me to stuff myself, I don’t understand what his interest is, he certainly wants to kill me, yet if I die he dies too.

It’s the weekend, the smell of the neighbor’s barbecue pierces me and torments me, it doesn’t matter, let’s not wake up my Gengis, let him believe that soon we’ll have a barbecue, tell him that tonight I’m tired to have a barbecue, I’ll make him believe that it’s good to eat light to sleep well.  Monday morning comes, I’m deaf and I have only one word on my mouth, “no”, do you eat breakfast? No, do you eat? No, are you hungry? No, do you want anything? No, nothing, thank you. No for everything, no is the magic word, look at these pretty pears, you want? No. My Genghis wakes up, he asks why the Khan still hasn’t been served, but why does that asshole say no to everything, he’s taken hostage, I don’t answer his provocations.

Here are the new rules! You see Khan from now on I decide when and how we have to eat, but for now we’re not going to eat anything for ten days, and if you’re not happy, well too bad for your big mouth, I don’t care. After that we’re going to reduce the amount of food we eat substantially in order to feel good. VenomGengis hasn’t said his last word, he’s incorrigible, he suffers from chronic encephalorectomy, he’s always there telling me, just a little bit, it’s not going to change much, just a little bite, and then you stop! No Gengis, not for ten days and remember the benefits of last time.

The benefits from last time:

  • My eyesight improved, the little numbers on my car’s odometer, were always blurry, I could never read them, now I read them well.
    My skin is clearer and healthy.
  • I had a knee X-ray a few months ago, the doctor found the beginning of osteoarthritis in my left knee, now I’m fine, it’s as if there was never the beginning of anything.
  • I sit up straight, I walk faster without realizing it, I go down and up the stairs without any problem, I sleep well, I wake up well, I breathe better, it’s incredible, my voice, I have a prettier voice, moreover I am pleasantly surprised, certainly I don’t understand why, but all the better, I fit in “the voice”.
  • The icing on the cake, one kilo less per day, blood pressure has gone down, I’m in the green, I’m getting into my clothes, it’s incredible, it’s the same clothes I wanted to throw away because they had become too small.
  • The way people look at me, they see and notice the changes on my screwing and on my body.
  • No more hemorrhoids, it’s just bad memories.
  • One last thing I can’t explain to you is the feeling of well-being.

As for the inconveniences, there are also some, before Gengis’ hold fades and calms down, you have to wait at least the three days, he realizes that in the end it is me who is holding the reins, he sees that my determination doesn’t change, so he abandons me. Between the fifth and sixteenth day, that’s when I started to get cramps, very unpleasant. Today I know that I have to use violence to live well, be careful when I eat, and if by misfortune my khan wakes up, I know how to silence him by threatening him with fasting again.

I leave you with a big kiss.


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