The Yellow Revolution of November 17, 2018! What is the definition of the French Revolution? According to Wikipedia, “the French Revolution is a set of upheavals and events that led, in France, to the abolition of the absolute monarchy and the establishment of the first republic followed by the creation of the the French Revolutionrepublican parliamentary regime which marks the end of the monarchical period”. What is the definition of the yellow vest movement in France? According to Moustique, it is a popular event without a charismatic figure in politics, spontaneous, sporadic and collective, bringing together the people of France from all social ranks, whose main aspiration is social and fiscal justice for all, as well as the modification of the majority parliamentary regime into a globalist, totalitarian liberal democracy and the introduction of the referendum of citizen and popular initiative. What are the triggering events for these two periods? At the time, it was a deep social crisis between the nobility and the people, combined with an economic crisis, the French wanted work and bread, the resemblance is obvious, today we have a President of the Republic considered by the French as a Jupiterian monarch, arrogant and distant from the working classes, favouring the rich and crushing the poor and imposing laws by decrees without parliamentary debate, with a total denial of the consequences and social repercussions of his policies. From my point of view, history repeats itself, the only important difference between these two revolutions is that one was in 1789 and the other we are living it in the present.

We’re all yellow vests! In France, we had several social movements that paralyzed our country, I remember well when President Mitterrand called on the French army to clear the trucks that were blocking the roads with tanks. At the time, truckers had blocked the roads in France and paralyzed the country, in order to Jerome Rodrigues a figure from the yellow vests lost an eye.obtain wage demands that only concerned their trade. As far as May 68 is concerned, it was initially a cultural and social movement of students against Gaulliste authority and power. It grew once the workers joined the movement, to become also an anti-capitalist movement and against US imperialism. The only resemblance with the yellow jackets movement, and of course according to my point of view, is a rejection of the diktat of the power in place, whereas the starting point of the demands of the yellow jackets is a rejection of misery and for fair rights to live with dignity, I remind you that France is the most taxed country in the world. However, no movement of any kind has had such a surge of sympathy and support from the French population, for the simple reason that we are all affected by the increase in prices and the cost of living. To this day, people do not feel like shouting or showing their real pain and suffering, either out of pride or shame or because we have become unconscious as we are being crushed and asphyxiated by taxes. Many people have shouted, I am Charlie, out of support for the satirical newspaper, but not me, however, I can say this without pride or megalomania and although I have not yet put the yellow vest on my back, I am a yellow vest.

You get little recognition for a master when you’re still a student! Raymond Devos, a very great contemporary philosopher, used to say, “I have long been proving everyone right, until the day I realized that most of the people I was proving right were wrong! Therefore, I was wrong! It is wrong to agree with people the miserable oneswho were wrong to believe they were right. So Luke, please allow me to tell you that the paradise of a fool is the hell of a wise man. Why! Because I know that I’m always criticizing everybody and I’m always in judgment. Indeed, as soon as I see or hear something I don’t like, and there it goes, an article. It’s become second nature, but you know Luc, it’s not always just wind, sometimes it makes sense. Nevertheless, when you think of those who don’t say anything like you, Luc, and who sneakily reproach me at every opportunity, like “yes, he’s all mouth, he never wore a yellow vest, even though he’s just writing wind”. For this reason, I would first like to remind you that what I write is at my own risk and not at the risk of those who read my articles. Then, Luc is mistaken as usual, because in reality, I cannot remain indifferent like him. I also think that to deprive myself of speaking out and criticizing policies, in relation to the disdainful actions taken by our elected officials towards the people, is to approve their policies. These are the same people who took the trouble to go out and vote and elect the shadow walkers, and in doing so, they believed that voting for a young, apolitical president would change their future for the better. To say nothing is to condone the arrogance of a marcher and to show his disinterest in our republic, Luc says, La France, tu l’aimes ou tu y quittes, but Luc sometimes says things without thinking too much. I also think that by saying nothing it is tantamount to supporting and approving the decisions taken by these marchers, or else to be among those who impoverish people and who take advantage of such a situation by thanking capitalism in passing. Luke refuses to see beyond the tip of his nose, because there is one enrichment that I wish for everyone, and that is that of the spirit, the intellect, the culture and the emotion. Not to support yellow vests in my opinion is just to be content with what we are given and to keep our mouths shut, and that doesn’t sound like me, it’s not what yellow vests want either, because how can we improve in our lives without being able to express ourselves and say our thoughts.

A fool is a blessing! He came into politics as Minister of Economy in the former government, but he is not a socialist, is it by merit or nepotism, we never knew. Esoteric, he appeared one day to replace a presumptuous and upstart minister, so he was propelled onto the political scene under the iron rule of a loser president. Two years later, he became the only candidate for the presidency of the Republic, spared by a lack of practice in the profession. It was without history, and without problems, but he has since made up for it by business, and particularly with the Benalla affair. During the elections when the candidate of the rightthe President of France was mired in the business of fictitious jobs, and had no chance of becoming president, our walker became by force of circumstance the ideal candidate. Nothing is so dangerous as a fool who has the appearance of an intelligent man, so he sets out on a march, with no political network. He opened the doors to all those who wanted to enter the political world to become a minister, a secretary of state, in short to occupy a job in high positions, to earn a big salary whatsoever. Personally, I said to myself that he was a blessing for everyone, because I knew full well that at one point or another everything was going to blow up in his face. Also because he had the audacity to want to make reforms in an old country. A young president, reckless, without any real experience in politics, and who wanted to make rapid changes in France, without provoking a revolution, and yet he had all the ingredients of an explosive cocktail. All changes are necessary and welcome as long as they serve the general interest of the country, lowering the speed on the roads, reducing the benefits of the unemployed, this is not what the French were expecting as reforms. Then for a year and a half, I asked myself the question that everyone was asking, it’s for when, I saw people going to sleep every night with the hope that the next day there would be a real change, and each time they woke up with an empty stomach thinking that they had to keep their faith. But what happened to them, they became so insensitive that once again France suffers and says nothing. It’s true that we’ve become world champions in football, but for a small family the shopping basket at the supermarket costs at least one hundred and fifty euros, and that really hurts. A powerful volcano is coming, it rumbles on social networks with a series of mini earthquakes all over France. The time has come for the shadowy walkers to realize that the French have woken up, that misfortune is not a fatality nor an end in itself, that there are solutions that exist. The French are asking those to whom they have given a mandate not to make any more decisions affecting their future without first seeking their approval and not to crush them with decrees without prior consultation. Mr. Chairman, you still have the chance to make the right decisions, prove the yellow vests right, do not waste the time you have left, do something so that you are not remembered as the one who threw canids at the demonstrators who chant your name on the lantern, but as the one who set France straight. So I ask you to stop acting violently, these people dare to shout haro on the baudet to show their pain and their disapproval of your policy. You cannot sleep peacefully in your palace and ask for more effort from those who no longer have a place to sleep, hurry up, time is running out.

I leave you with a big kiss.



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