Communication is the basis of any relationship! Sorry, but this time I would like to change a little bit, I want to write an article on a different kind of subject, of what I used to write before, after all, there are no more false socialists in power to criticize. With the policy they have pursued for five years, they have deserved this rout, and it is entirely their fault, punished severely, they cannot blame anyone but themselves. In the space of a single election they have become anCommunication is the basis of any relationshipendangered species and their extinction is no longer in doubt, moreover the Socialist Party has become a wreck falling to pieces, completely adrift. Another real cause of their burial is a chief bullfighter waltzing alone against socialism and its concepts, as a consequence, he was disavowed by his friends as well as by his party, all the fun is for his many enemies. For once the title of my article is in keeping with the subject matter, it is really a matter of developing the idea that religions influence and sow fear in order to communicate a line of conduct in the community and this, in order to warn men who do not follow the right path. In Islam, this is called the sunna, which is a law that all Muslims must follow like the Talmud for the Jews, this is said and I will stop there. So I chose this subject because, also, a little bit, maybe, I don’t know, yes how to say it, I wanted to say a philosophical subject, that’s it, I said it, ok, ok, you don’t have to. Okay I’ve always been a good technician where I tried to do the best I could to serve my many customers, they would call me and say hello Mosquito I have a problem with, or hello Mosquito it doesn’t work anymore, or how do I make it work? . Changing a little bit doesn’t hurt me, although philosophizing on a subject like this is not really my cup of tea, because to write my articles I often go straight to the point by pointing at the character while looking him in the eyes. So here is my new article which quickly describes the space of a moment, a look that freezes, anesthésistes in front of a painting. A vision of life at the end of the medieval era, nothing very appetizing, I grant you. In the beginning, for me, life is the existence in symbiosis of all the creatures that compose it, it is unitary and indivisible, so that it is perfect, nothing must be added or taken away. In some cultures, life is the earth which is the mother of all presences, for others it is nature which is the mother who saw the birth of life. According to my point of view, the earth is only the support that gives meaning to life and nature is the substance or evolving matter that encloses it. It takes on different forms of existence, depending on the environment in which it evolves. Life is the vein or the straitjacket that brings together all these beings in a complementary way. Moreover, if we can bring together the biological characteristics of all living forms, we obtain the most perfect being. An extraordinary life most resistant to diseases, a great physical strength and mental capacity, and if perfection is a bad adjective since there is no means of comparison in this case, we can say the most complete being. I know that this is impossible nowadays, but the impossible has always been a motivation for one of the beings that make it up, man, although he is the being furthest from perfection, but for him challenges and persistence as well as surpassing oneself are a beginning towards success. We have the capacity to accomplish masterpieces, ingenuity and feats, drawing inspiration only from all that surrounds us, but also the capacity to commit great atrocities and brutalities, hence the notion of good and evil.

All living beings are connected and communicate in one way or another, this is the basic theme of all relationships and community life, but for many it is the foundation of life, Khalil Gibran said “You are blind; I am deaf-mute; let your hand touch mine and let there be communication”, communicating is also a skillful Jerome Boschprocess to express feelings and this in different ways. Let us choose man as an example, a look, a thought replace words, sympathetic words, but an aggressive look, erases all sympathy. Proof that non-verbal communication, better directs our attention and communicates our intentions, an Arabic proverb says “who does not understand a look will not understand an explanation, a presence, or an absence can convey messages and feelings from one being to another. There is also the unconsciousness that conveys animosities that are transmitted by a simple thought. The unconscious or involuntary feelings are the engine of our fantasies and our wildest dreams, they influence the conscious, the intimate knowledge of our behaviors, if they are badly attentive it can generate mistrust and bad mysticism, so we deliver a message suggested without the verb as an action or as an intention, they can give rise in many cases to hatred and evil. The human being often locks himself up in an introspection proper to his environment until he considers that he has reached a pinnacle of his thoughts of which he has unfortunately become a prisoner. He is convinced that his own arguments and thoughts are defensible, but not really defensible. One of the causes of his confinement in his insidious environment is not to recognize his errors by seeking to justify himself by any means in order to benefit from esoteric absolution. For, after all, he never or very seldom accepts to admit these faults, to question his opinions and conceptions and to reflect, he maintains himself in a position of ridiculous pride. Shit then I’m not going to enter into a Freudian psychoanalysis anyway, no, I have to stay on my subject. Just to finish then, there are other types of communication, it’s the inter-species communication, they also exist, an extravagant and a bit crazy idea perhaps, but until the contrary is proven, I would continue to believe that it’s possible. However, don’t ask your fruit trees to provide you with a better harvest, I don’t think it works that way. There is also communication with the spirits, or with the little green men, but that will make a good subject for a future article. Another type of communication is communication with the deity, unlike many it is difficult to access because many have tried and very few have succeeded. The main difficulty is concentration, and it is not gestures or diphonic throat singing that allows one to enter into communion with the divinity. This reminds me of a little story I want to tell you, it is that of a farmer who wanted to obtain the best grape stock in order to obtain a wine of great quality. He began to pray day and night, and after about ten years, the good Lord revealed the recipe to him. Put a glass of lion’s blood, a glass of monkey’s blood and a glass of pig’s blood at the foot of your vines. The farmer did his best to obtain a quality wine vine and he succeeded well and since then, when you drink the first glass of wine you feel the strength of a lion, the second glass the cheerfulness of a monkey and the third glass you become as stupid as a pig.

To communicate is to justify and explain one’s actions, to write an article that is difficult to understand to communicate ulterior motives, it may mean that this person is hiding something. André Malraux used to say “A man’s truth is first of all what he hides”. I am convinced that by rereading the same article several times it will allow each reader to form his own opinion on what the author of the article wanted to express. However, what the painter Jerome Bosch wanted towithout comment express in drawing his triptych “The Temptation of St. Anthony” is difficult to know since one cannot ask him anything, he has been dead for five hundred years. That said, he even stayed for hours in front of his painting in order to understand the message hidden in it, because I think it is a question of free interpretation. Nor can we accuse him of being disturbed to draw such a show, otherwise we will do the same for all his contemporaries. However, in order not to get lost in the analogy, one must resist the influence of the images illustrated by others, and for that, one must learn to know and accept oneself. What kind of temptation or turpitude did he want to unseize, what did he want to communicate, is the story of good and evil that exist side by side in balance and that everyone knows. Perhaps the painter wanted to recall and evoke a warning of the consequences of ignominy if by chance our life choices are in contradiction with the experience of our forefathers if we did not take into account their learning. The fear of deep feelings hidden deep inside each human being anchored in his unconsciousness, the fear of being rejected by others, or the fear of not being loved or not being considered, of not having love, the fear of infidelity and betrayal, fear also of the time that ruins our bodies and our strength to make us accept one day, death, our failed destinies guided by our greed, our sins and our uncertainties. Transcendental knowledge concerning the representations of objects and their relationship to life and Christian dogmas during the medieval period, seeks to sow fear in order to warn those who do not obey religious ethics. First man’s jubilant existence in paradise, sin, followed by earthly bucolic existence, men are left to their own devices and to the exuberance of free will reveling in bliss, and a lethargic outline of what man expects if he does not respect the house of assembly. An illustration and communication through fear to guide us, the question is, should we really scare and transmit it in order to obtain good conduct? Can we communicate with valiant beings without fear? A politician who was a Minister of the Republic said “fear of the gendarme is the beginning of wisdom” but he was not afraid because at the end of his term of office, he had quite a few cases with the justice system for cheating and deception. No need for many examples, it is enough to look in a mirror to understand that good and evil are two forces inseparable to life, one cannot exist without the other as the life that brings together all the beings that compose it, if one lacks the other will have no meaning. If we find it difficult to accept this idea, it is because life is full of mysteries, we know nothing of this world nor of the one that follows it, we are always looking for the unknown. Communication is the basis of every relationship Communication is the basis of every relationship.

Good and Evil last week, I went to spend 5 days in the beautiful city of London, whatever the season the weather is often very pleasant, I always find great pleasure to walk in the streets of this beautiful and great metropolis full of shops to buy souvenirs and do business. I have to tell you a little anecdote, in London, good and evilit’s incredible to see and hear so many people speaking different languages, it’s beautiful, but there’s a little bit of culture. So I got on the bus with my wife, very happy to find two free seats at the front of the bus, it allows us to see the landscape better when we’re up high. Behind me, there was a person who spoke very loudly on the phone with a strange language, fortunately for her, in this type of bus, you can’t open the windows wide, because if it was possible, I might have pushed him through the window, my wife was there to calm me down, because this person almost ruined my morning. Looking back, I realize that it’s unbelievable to want to do so much harm to someone just by a little bit of anger, is that evil and normal behavior, of course, I could never have thrown that person out the window, but on the spot it would have done me some good. Doing good to yourself by doing bad to others is the true definition of good and bad. Rather a self-satisfying definition, how can we recognize good people who do evil, people who preach good deeds and pass laws, but do not respect them. How can we distinguish those who do good when they are bad, good there, we have to recognize that there aren’t many of them, or because small good deeds can’t be counted, or they are nice people, with a bad face and who want to remain anonymous. How do you explain when a country in need of freedom invades another country once it finds its independence? What do the children of Nagasaki and Hiroshima think and what harm have they done to deserve such atrocities? Is it right or wrong to be exterminated in a brutal way without distinguishing between those who do good and those who do evil, and did the one who made the decision to send those bombs do good to stop the war, history repeats itself ad infinitum “kill them all, God will recognize his own”! Those who committed genocide and massacres in the name of freedom and some ideal, is that good or evil? I think that the notion of good or evil, of being two forces whose predisposition and predestination rub shoulders and merge, they are on the side where our gaze goes, it reflects the state of mind of beings and their weaknesses once they have power over others. Communication is the basis of all relationships Communication is the basis of all relationships Communication is the basis of all relationships

I’m leaving you with a big kiss. 


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