Wednesday morning info but not for kids! As a general rule I choose the subject of my articles, in relation to the worries of daily life, either because it is about the difficulties encountered during work or during my travels, holidays, or even when I am invited to a wedding and the priest is an andouille. To tell my story, I am the nativesobliged to reference the content of my article so that search engines can recognize it and respond to the requests of Internet users. To do this, I have to write my article and make sure that the content is good to please the people who want to read me, but also so that the algorithms display my snippet on the first page of the browser. To do this, I have to meet a lot of criteria. What happens then if my article is uninteresting, or it’s particularly bad, or it’s politically incorrect, or I just want to hide, fly under the radar covers. What happens if I expressly ask these search engines not to position my article so that it becomes completely invisible and does not appear anywhere, am I making a pleonasm or euphemism. In short, it’s a figure of speech, all this to say that if you type the title of my article on the search bar of your browser, the result is zero. Experiment, copy and paste the title of this article, you will find that such and such an article does not exist, and yet you are reading it. The only way to find this article is to find other articles that have been referenced or on the home page and there you think, ah, what’s that! Well, what’s this article from Mercredi matin info but not for children, bizarre as a title, with the Belgian accent please “bizarre as a title twice” and if you have some time, you’ll start reading it. Now if your curiosity turns into apprehension and finally gives way to anxiety and anguish, “but why is he bullshitting me that one”. Indeed, if my picturesque wisdom has amused you so much by reading my old articles so far, it is because I am absolutely anxious not to overuse the bliss that the Internet users have granted me and with such debonairness.

I sometimes sleep on the mat! On average, I make 4 trips a year, I often choose the cheapest time of the year, where the tourists of the masses have deserted the places, but also so that I don’t get ruined and keep some money for the expenses on the spot, when I choose a country to visit, it’s often to discover new adventures to tell, to immerse myself in its hidden treasures, its artistic cultures, its history, its music, and its cooked dishes. I i don't sing the marseillaiserecognize that apart from the ready-made meals, my wife’s interests are very different from mine, as she prefers shopping malls and souvenir shops, but of course she agrees to join me to attend a concert or to see a museum, provided of course that I also follow her to carry the shopping bags during her window-shopping trips. With women, there always has to be a counterpart, the only thing I got for free is a few samples at the very beginning. Afterwards, we have to go to the cash register, Paul Léautaud said “that a woman can love to madness, she always keeps a practical sense”. Oh dear, I’m too cruel, I hope she doesn’t read my article, otherwise you now know why I always have a blocked nose, it’s because I sometimes sleep on the mat, punished for my cruelty. Anyway, don’t let fear get the better of me or I won’t be able to tell you the rest of my story. Traveling and seeing so many different people, living, eating, sleeping, thinking, talking and even fucking in a different way from our Catholic and Biblicisme correct visions, takes a big hit. I wonder why there are so many wars in this world, since we are different we are complementary so we have to broaden our vision and think hard. We often cling to our past as if it were our definition, we sing the Marseillaise at the beginning of football matches, at the end of political meetings, we even teach our children in kindergarten a war song. Well, I would never sing the Marseillaise, because it incites citizens to take up arms and march in battalions to slaughter others, those opposite whom they do not even know, just because some fool has asked them, under the pretext of defending their country. I, for one, would do as the Syrians who are fleeing from the war do, when the day comes when there is a breakthrough, I would leave. Of course for many, I would be a guy without honor or courage to flee instead of defending my country and the land of my ancestors. I’m really sorry if you’re one of those people who think you have to die for a piece of land, then we’re not cut out to get along. I am fine on my land, I imagine and dream of being on a land without weapons or borders and no matter where I am in the country. I feel a killer Nobel prizegood, I adapt quickly, I learn a language in no time and all foods are good for me, even if I have to convert to Buddhism for a while to calm a situation and well I would do it. And then I think of all those who died killing others across the street when they could be friends, meet up, have a little beer together, have a barbecue or eat a merguez and finally bury the hatchet. No, of course not, they were told: “you have to kill others to defend your country! “. Bullshit, yes, I can be accused of revisionism if you want, but that is not the case, I refuse to take a weapon to hurt someone I don’t even know and therefore I would not sing the Marseillaise.

I am thinking of the great peoples who have suffered genocide and hatred at the hands of their oppressors in the name of some stupidity or ideal, to blame them and massacre them while singing the Marseillaise. When in reality, they wanted either to do, an ethnic and racial cleansing or to steal from them something that was rightfully theirs, or even worse, to preserve the interests of others. I am thinking of the Amerindians, the Aborigines of Australia, the Africans of Rwanda, the Armenians, the Jewish people, the Palestinians, the Tibetans, the Algerians, the Cambodians, the Sudanese, the Iraqis, the Ukrainians… And the list is long, but it is getting longer every day, the last ones are the Rohingyas chased by a noble prize of peace, who does not want to smoke the peace pipe, we would have seen it all. It is a sad fate for those who have suffered massacres and torture and who in turn commit massacres and atrocities against others. I am willing to die to defend my children, my family may even die doing my job, but I am not willing to die to defend property, stone, or money. I’m not afraid of death but I certainly don’t want to have the whistle blown by someone who wants to sing the Marseillaise on my head, or who wants to have the honor of ridding the world of a deserter who refuses to fight for nothing, that’s really a matter for fools. Nowadays the acts of hacking are multiplying, more than 26,000 attacks in less than a year, I always want to express myself, that’s why I did not want to reference my article for fear that a true dedicated patriot, like the one who sees ghosts everywhere, will try and succeed in hacking and scratching my site.

I’ll leave you two with a big kiss. 


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